Multi-award winning belly dancer Kendra began her dance training at the age of seven. Kendra’s dancing reflects serious study of Egyptian dance technique, Arabic rhythm, sagat, and folkloric dances from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey. As well as being an accomplished second-generation Oriental dance artist, Kendra also has training in West African and Flamenco dance. 

Kendra completed intensive teacher training courses for Egyptian Dance in Cairo during 2006 and 2007. While there, she was fortunate to learn from dance legends Nagua Fuad, Mona Said, Dina, Randa Kamel and many others. Research for her undergraduate degree focused on Arabic and Spanish dance history and Middle Eastern and African women’s history.

Kendra has performed professionally in Los Angeles, New York City, Palm Springs, and Mexico City. She has won the titles of 2007 Double Crown Performing Artist and 2008 Belly Dancer of the Universe Drum Solo Champion. She also placed 2nd runner up at the 2007 Ahlan Wasahlan Winter Competition in Cairo, Egypt. She currently teaches at Portland Community College and Portland State University. She is also the faculty advisor for the World Dance Association at the P.C.C. Rock Creek Campus.


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